by Timeshares



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released October 21, 2009


Recorded and mixed by Mike Natoli at SUNY Oneonta Studio A in Oneonta, NY and dickButt Studios in Suffern, NY. Mastered by Dan Coutant and West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.

Timeshares is: Jason Mosher, Eric Bedell, Mike Natoli, Jon Hernandez



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Timeshares Suffern, New York

Our band could be our life.


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Track Name: Sarah, Send Your Driver
You were wrong again. Quit fucking with our heads… we said. You told me this was everything. Now you’re as good as dead… in my head. You never knew anything. I’ve been digging this ship up from the ground. I bet you're sleeping soundly since you burned it down. And there was a time that I wished you'd realize. Not anymore... We're sailing forward. And there's no chance in hell we're looking back while you're stuck on the shore. Beat up and miles away is not how you should have left us here. We're letting go. We're tearing up all of the things we tried to sew. Our greatest times, we've yet to have, you'll never know. You wanted one more for the road. I'm not one for old time's sake. You wait for a change. You made your own change.
Track Name: Chinese Coffee Torture
We spend entire nights sustaining wounds we've held for so long. When do we stop, slow down to fix them? We don't. We just go on. And we've woken up alone, bitter, defeated. Gasping for breath that we've lost in our time spent repeating. So let's not be hasty because it might be too late. I believe we can be electric. We could conduct. After all the things we thought we were above that crushed us. And all those times we thought we were invincible and found out we're not. It's never getting any easier. And it's never been so hard. We've never been much for believers but I still believe we can be electric. It's not about fear or anger. It's not about retribution. It's not about the things in which I have no say. It's about being things today that I couldn't find yesterday. Got to pick up the fucking pieces. Sometimes I forget it. When it's bearing down on me and I let it. And all the nights you spent screaming, you thought no one heard. It's never getting any easier. And did we really think it would? Sometimes the things that leave us leave us for good. While it's fleeting, if we're breathing lungs with hearts still beating. I still believe we can be electric.
Track Name: Everyday Doops
We should be incarcerated for being criminals of love. Your accomplice tied and bound when they came to bag us up. I still wouldn't make a sound. You've used me up. All the time spent debating where to go from here. Where I fall. And all these things I do, sleep I lose, when I'm dreading waking up and shaking. Looking for getaways, desperate for any way to stop. Slow it down. Keep on breathing. Nervous, cold and tense. Regain some feeling. Drink myself some sense. Whatever's left is failing. This is my everyday. When you go away. Like time is up. Like falling away. Like a lifetime spent in loops. What's the use? You've used me up.